Maya Dukmasova is a freelance writer and photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, Maya is currently based in Chicago

Selected Clips


Fear and loathing at a South Shore co-op The Reader, October 2019

Pangea has taken thousands of tenants to eviction court. The story of a postrecession apartment empire The Reader, May 2019

The 20th Ward aldermanic race is rife with bad faith and good ideas The Reader, January 2019

Chicago Inside Out Places, October 2018

Hundreds of Illinois prisoners languish behind bars waiting for Dorothy Brown to do her job The Reader, May 2018

Rahm’s Chicago Stories podcast takes you inside the mind of the mayor The Reader, March 2018

The trials of Stuart V. Goldberg, Chicago’s flashiest defense attorney The Reader, January 2018

At the "Sundance of radio” in the golden age of podcasting The Reader, December 2017

The Chicago Housing Authority’s sleeping giant The Reader, October 2017

The National Public Housing Museum’s long journey home The Reader, June 2017

The secret history of Illinois’s rent control prohibition The Reader, May 2017

Retail therapy The Reader, April 2017

The guy defending all the cops The Reader, February 2017

The Goldberg variation The Reader, October 2016

Black people make up the majority of missing persons cases in Chicago The Reader [online], September 2016

Abolish the police The Reader, August 2016

What does it mean to be a white ally? The Reader [online], July 2016

Michael Brown's Mother on Life After Her Son's Death Broadly, May 2016

The Golden Ticket The Reader, April 2016

A Young Chicago Woman Has Lost 23 Loved Ones to Gun Violence The Trace, March 2016

Amy Campanelli on Criminal Justice Reform: “It’s All About Poverty” Chicago [online], January 2016

Beyond the Bench The Reader, January 2016

Documenting the Rise and Fall of Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Public Housing Projects In These Tmes [online], November 2015

In a Post-Ferguson America, David Simon’s New HBO Series Feels Sadly Dated In These Times [online], August 2015

Mothers Help Curb Gun Violence in Troubled Chicago Neighborhood The Trace, August 2015

As Marginalized Communities Face Dearth of Trauma Care, Activists Step in to Fight for Survival Truthout, July 2015

Our Impoverished Debate about Housing Segregation Slate, July 2015

As Summer Starts, a Safe Zone Closes Its Doors Chicago [online], June 2015

End of the Nightstick The Progressive [print] [online], June 2015

Pay Dirt [translation] Harper's, January 2015

Tricknology 101 Jacobin [print] [online], October 2014

Six Questions with the editors of Women in Clothes Harper's [online], September 2014

Each According to His Ability [translation] Harper's, August 2014

Saving Lathrop The Reader, June 2014

The Problem with Mixed-Income Housing Jacobin [online], May 2014

Unreal Rochester Magazine, October 2012

Remaking Midtown Rochester Magazine, March 2012

Nourish may be good for you, but it also tastes like it Phoenix New Times, August 2011

Russian memories at Golden Valley Phoenix New Times, July 2011

On the progenetors of Pussy Riot GlobalPost, December 2010

Judith Butler: Imagning the impossible Daily News Egypt, November 2010